O’s Status

Feeling pretty high on life right now, now only did O’s swelling go down, but she hand trotted sound today! I’m going to skip tomorrow (supposedly to be ungodly hot) but give her some excercise this week. Only walk and trot, but it’s a step in the right direction!

I’ve also done a lot of discussing with my trainer and the barn manager, and I think we are going to out O in back shoes. Not my favorite, but with her being so tender lately I’m worried it’s our only option! I convinced the husband, and now just have to get her set up with her farrier! Yay for having a path and hopefully progress! In the meantime she is convinced I am starving her (new pen isn’t very grassy).

I hope everyone is staying extra hydrated and such-it is nasty hot around here. Bath time followed by time with her fan is now O’s favorite activity with me. Note the numerous leads to her-I still don’t trust her to not break out on me!


3 thoughts on “O’s Status

  1. Do you put clips on her shoes? I had a horse that threw shoes a lot and moved him into clips, and they were a tad more expensive but in the long run, saved money and his feet since he stopped throwing them once a week! šŸ™‚ Good luck! Hope she continues to do better!

    • We did add clips to her shoes! And we moved her to a smaller turnout where she can’t go swimming (much to her dismay). They’ve been on a whole 3 weeks, so hopefully that’s the solution to her front issues. Now trying to keep her happy in the back!
      And thanks! Me too!

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