Jerry the QH

The hubs and I had a great time at his parent’s cattle ranch yesterday!  We doctored some cows that were sicky, played with his nephews and checked on the husband’s 3 year old quarter horse that is living there (named Titan).  Titan is still being a bit of a late bloomer, but is finally starting to grow into himself.  I think he’s going to be stinkin’ adorable when he’s all done growing.  I wish I had a picture, because he’s got this fabulous face marking like a perfect white line down his face.  Plus he’s pretty much a lap dog, so you’ve got to love his personality.

Anyway, the point of us going down there was to play around with Jerry, a 5 year old “painted” quarter horse gelding.  He was bred and raised by my in-laws and even though they adore him they aren’t sure that he is quite cut out for their lifestyle.  AKA he’s kind of lazy by their standards.  Once I got on him I made the following notes:

1.  He’s only about 15.1hh, but takes up leg nicely so I didn’t feel like a total giant on him.

2.  He bucks.  Not a lot or very big, and not out of anger-but if he’s excited he’s gonna throw one in there to see if you are paying attention.  It’s kind of cute; as sad as that is!

3. He’s naturally round and quite lovely at the walk and trot.

4. I could sit that canter forever-so smooth.

5. I think he has great potential for whatever job he ends up doing, he’s incredibly athletic!  I will admit that he does seem to love to jump though!

6. All around he’s a great guy, and very solid for as much as I threw at him during our ride.

His parents thought it was great that we tested him out for a new job, but the bottom line is that we don’t have the budget to bring another horse to the city to work with right now.  So for the time being, Jerry will have to continue to be a half-ass ranch horse with a fancy trot.  I know for sure who I’m calling dibs on when we are back at the ranch though.  That boy is a cutie!

English Jerry!!

Please ignore the western bridle he’s wearing (O’s didn’t fit him).  Oh and I ALWAYS ride in a helmet.  But, I’ll admit it was a million degrees out so as we were just standing there I popped it off for pictures.  I wanted if I looked outrageous on him size wise.

Update on O’s lame status: Moving much more comfortably, and is being wrapped and soaked daily.  Tomorrow she’s getting reevaluated to see what the next step is.  Fingers crossed!

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