Back to Square One

WWWWEeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll great. My horse was supposedly FABULOUS for the 2 days that I was out of town this week, and completely sound. Woot! However, this very morning-a mere 12 hours before I was set to be back in town, my trainer decided to use my horse in a lesson for a more advanced student and apparently O stepped on something toward the end of the ride. Bam. 3 legged lame goes my pony.

O has now been soaked, wrapped, medicated and is going to get some serious down time. We are hoping it’s a simple hoof bruise or something ouchie on the bottom of her feet. I know it could be much worse, and we don’t know for sure yet, but it is so hard to watch her shuffle around in pain. The hubby was furious that she was ridden without our permission, and I was too at the time. Now I’m just tired, and scared. Sorry this is a super depressing post, but I just had to get this off my chest! Hopefully I’ll have better news on O as a follow up in the next few days!

I’m actually going to go ride a green broke QH gelding that my in-laws have bred and raised. He was supposed to join the ranks of their other beastly ranch ponies, but he’s shown a lot more interest in going slow and jumping things around the ranch. Apparently chasing cattle is not his forte (to their disappointment and humor). I’m going to go see if he could maybe swing it in the English world!


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