Waiting on News

Last weekend, I noticed O being a bit off at the trot while I was lunging her. I have her a nice cold hose, and a few days off to relax and hopefully bounce back. As of yesterday she was still off and off to the point that I got my trainer involved. I think the ouchie in the front now and am a bit worried. So here I am at the day job, biting all my nails off again. I’ve been pretty positive up until this point, but it’s hard when you baby is hurt (4-legged or otherwise)!

Lucky for me while I was posting this my trainer texted me!

When my trainer looked at her today she said O wasn’t too bad and to give her until our lesson Thursday and see what happens. Urgh, more waiting-I suck at waiting. Fingers crossed that this was a random situation and not a “real” problem!


(O is tired of working at the walk too!)

Daily dose of cute-the barn’s mini has started her therapy training and has the cutest whinny when someone walks down the aisle. It’s adorable.


Keep it Positive

Anyone seen the broadway musical Legally blonde?! My roomie from college was obsessed. Well my theme for the week is taken directly from some of the lyrics. We are going to keep it positive!

This past week O and I have had a few rides, none of which have been stellar. She’s been in her own world, and I feel like I’ve been playing the part of passenger, not driver. Not a great feeling on any account. And then yesterday she was a little sore in the front. Total bummer! However, I’m not letting it get me down. She was just the teeniest bit off, but playing it safe I gave her today off. We’ll try it again tomorrow and we are also starting a new program of flat exercises to engage O mentally as well. I’m hoping this is the solution to both her and my recent disconnect! Positive thinking over here!! Wish us luck!

Happy(er) Mouth

I was extremely excited to try the loose ring bit on O yesterday, after our fail with the double jointed happy mouth the last ride I was feeling hopeful. I got out the bit, adjusted the bridle and popped it in her mouth. Within 2 seconds this is what I had on my hands….20130724-145239.jpg
The pictures don’t do her reaction justice, she apparently get quite strongly about this bit, and actually held her mouth open. Once I made her walk the aisle-hoping she was just being over-emotional, she had worked up a foam by the time we got to the cross ties. Ears still back, mouth still partially open. I changed my mind-and decided to give the happy mouth one more try, this time a simple dee ring happy mouth.
It was so much better! Perhaps it was the double joints that were bothering her the first time because she went just fine in this one, quite happily actually. The ride was only so-so. I spent the first half thinking she didn’t feel good because she was so “looky” and lethargic. After a spank on the butt (totally deserved-the witch actually kicked out at our friends in the ring) she seemed to realize, after a few half-hearted hop/buck things, that she might as well get to work. I rode her hard the second half, partially to play with the bit, partially because she obviously needed it.
Sassy thing! I think her smaller turnout is definitely changing her attitude. Having more horse doesn’t bother me, having a cranky one does! Hopefully we can work out of that, and put that brain to positive use.
Her new thing-licking the stall walls….


and after she got in trouble…
Pretty night at the stable-it was actually under 90 degrees! Heaven!


One Bit Down

I was extremely excited to try O in the new happy mouth bit, borrowed from another sensitive mouth horse at the stable. However, as soon as I got on I knew something was not working. If it would’ve been possible O would’ve been going backwards the whole ride-she was so unwilling and pissy! Not her style at all. Hell, at the canter I actually had to put my hands all the way up her neck, and leg hard just to get her to keep going. If there was so much as a fraction of contact with her mouth, she would slam on the breaks and give me a couple of angry hops. I got the message loud and clear-the happy mouth was a no-go. Yikes!

Anyone ever used a loose ring bit? My trainer is hoping it might be a better fit for her, and we’re going to try it on Monday. And we’ll see what happens!

In the meantime we are working on ground tieing….

Here we were doing really good, and then she discovered I was unable to stop her from investigating this tack box. Baby steps!



And no laughing at her mismatching bell boots, that girl couldn’t keep both on to save her life-hence the mismatching.

Lunchtime Dash

I tried something new today….I missed my chance to ride before work, and needed to check on my pony …so I actually went during my lunch break! I moved O around as to not be in the way of the riding camp that was going on. I only got about 2/3 my usual ride in but O was so good! She’s obviously feeling better!
However, I am hating her “new” summer look. She’s sooooo bleached! Note to self-perhaps next year buy a uv/fly sheet combo to keep her a little more her normal color!
This week has been absolutely insane at my day job; a total roller coaster. So very excited for the weekend. Getting a chance to relax with the hubs and have some nice rides on O would be my ideal! Cheers to the weekend everyone!

Back at it!

O shocked us all by being perfectly sound and a little on the spicy side (probably because she got the weekend off) tonight! We had a fabulous lesson and worked on keeping O consistent and relaxed into her frame. She was doing so so great, and I was thrilled with how attentive she was to my requests. We are actually looking at switching her to a “happy mouth” but because we thing she’s unhappy with her current bit. She’s so much more aware and soft this will be a better path for her.
We jumped around a little course and she was fabulous! Such a proud mom here. She even landed on her leads a few of the times! The other times she’s trying for the change, not that I’m pushing for it at this point, but just can’t quite figure it out She’s almost there!

Cuteness alert: the stable adopted a rescue mini…it’s adorable!! And only 32 inches tall!





Waiting is so hard sometimes! After riding her and her being so sound the past week she came up a little sore yesterday, so she got a day off to hang with her buddies. I am hoping the farrier will be out very soon so we can get her consistent and comfy. In the meantime I’m loving her new turnout! Sorry for the boring post! Hopefully they’ll be exciting stuff happening soon! Until then….