It’s official. I cannot keep my horse sound! I am so frustrated and confused. She’s got shoes and pads on, she lives in bell boots, and I see her almost every day of the week and check on everything. What is it that isn’t working? My trainer is as frustrated as I am and we’ve actually decided to move her to a much closer turnout so that they can monitor her when I’m not around. It’s so stressful I hate not being able to make her better! Argh! I partially believe that the nasty shoe rip off from about 2 weeks ago is the culprit. Still annoying though! Fingers crossed that after she gets today off she’ll be feeling better!

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  1. My thought … First … breathe. 😉 You getting worked up is not going to help her. … Next … She may have jarred herself ripping off her shoe. Horses do crazy things. Perhaps the problem is not her feet but more muscular, etc. How much time has she had off? Maybe she needs more. Are you in a rush? What kind of work is she doing?… All things to consider. Hope she feels better soon. … Dorothy

    • Ha, thank you! I wrote this from the stable when I was a bit of a hot mess. She’s had over 2 weeks off since the nasty shoe incident, and we’ve tried meds, stall rest, leaving her alone, and are now moving her to a new pen (different terrain). I’m more than fine giving her as much time as she needs, not in a rush, but just worried that I can’t seem to keep her sound. She’s only been sound about 3 weeks total since March. It’s hard to not get twisted around. She is in a full training program to be a hunter, and gets rides about 4-5 times a week. Although only jumped once or twice a week. I just adore her, and hate that I can’t find a winning combination for us between shoes, turnout, etc.

  2. Hmmm … Did you read my blog post on chiropractic care? It helped my boy tremendously to have a chiropractic adjustment. You never know what might be causing your mare’s discomfort. It was a revelation to me to see how knotted up my horse was when I thought he was perfectly sound. You just never know …

  3. And again… why I am glad my horse is barefoot! Although I realize not all horses can go barefoot, sometimes I think having shoes on can cause more problems than they solve :\

    And I second the chiropractor. My boy was being all weird and ouchy and the chiro came in and did thirty minutes of work and acupuncture and he moved AMAZINGLY. Granted, my horse wasn’t lame, his soreness was obviously in his back and neck, but still something to consider. If she’s not getting better though, might be time to call in the vet 😦 Or at least try to isolate the lameness by testing her feet for soreness to see whether its really in her feet or elsewhere.

    I hope you figure it out soon though!

    • It’s one of the possible downsides to getting an off the track horse, some trainers “ride down their heels”…literally. My farrier and I have a plan for O, but it’s possible she may always have iffy feet. Not great news-but until about 4 months ago, she never put a foot wrong. Part of me wants to blame our spastic weather here in Kansas. The other is just going on bad luck!
      Thank your lucky stars your boy can go barefoot!
      Also, we have isolated the soreness to the outer edges of her front left-the foot that had the bad shoe loss. Now we just play the waiting game!
      I am so excited to have O go to the chiropractor, he comes every few months to new patients, so I’m going to try to get on his list ASAP.

      Thanks for advice ladies! Truly appreciated!

      • yes, while he’s a full thoroughbred, sometimes I’m thankful he’s not an OTTB or no one else owned him and had the chance to ruin his feet!!!

        it may not be this, but we had an OTTB at our farm that lost a shoe, then came up lame, and we thought they hit a nerve or something when he was reshoed or lost it. we waited and waited- kept getting better, going lame, on and off for months. FINALLY, a HUGE abscess blew and he’s been perfectly sound since! Idk if you’ve tried soaking her foot in epsom salt, but something to think about. She sounds like she may have done something similar- somehow him losing his shoe caused the abscess it just took forever to blow out.

        And even though her lameness is not due to her foot, I love chiros! Wiz wasn’t even lame, but the chiro came out and WHAT A DIFFERENT HORSE! He moved in ways I didn’t know he was possible in moving. I think it’d definitely be important for an OTTB- who knows what kind of stress their bodies have taken. Anyway, if it does nothing, then you know. If it works miracles, then you know. 🙂

        Good luck!

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