Lucky Timing

Perhaps O losing her shoes (yes, she apparently went swimming and suctioned the other one off yesterday), as much as it sucks, it did happened to happen during the week that I was exercising my friends OTTB grey mare while she is soaking up the sun on vacay. After riding mine SO MUCH lately, I was completely thrown off by how different this tall, lanky grey was. She was very forward in the bridle, but not rude. Plus her gaits are silky smooth, and so easy to sit. She will pull a bit going to the left (she was a racehorse-left is their favorite way to go), but she is easy to bring back under control. It was really just a blast to ride her this week, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the difference between the two of them. Ironically O and this cute grey are what I call ‘frienemies’ (friend-enemies); when it’s just the two of them they will call and whicker at each other-but put them out with others and you’ll see plenty of pinned ears and nasty faces from both of them! Such girls.

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