Then and Now: 7 Month Update

I started this blog after O had already been in some pretty intensive conditioning/retraining program for several months so I don’t have any pictures up of the first few weeks I had her, back when she was badly out of shape and jobless.  I love to do random picture updates, to see what’s changing as we go down this path and I thought it’d be fun to share the “then” and “now”!  I think it’s great to actually study the changes, since we are often too close to notice them firsthand.

Her change in personality is harder to document in pictures, but you can see that in the ‘now’ pictures her ears are forward and she seems much more interested in things.  She is so much happier now, her feet are in so much better shape (thank you wonderful farrier), her belly is now more hunter chubby than out of work pudge, and that neck of hers is finally coming in strong!  So proud of how far she’s come, and can’t wait to see how much further we can go!

Major training notes: She will stand at the mounting block (typically the first time).  She no longer has a heart attack at the sight of a water hose.  She tolerates horses passing her closely. I can touch her ears, and occassionally scratch them for her.  She does not dangle her head below her chest (as if she were about to collapse) at each and every gait.  Her canter stride is no longer so huge that we can get around the indoor ring in a matter of steps.  She loves to jump and is SUPER careful just in case it might try to eat her mid-jump.  People say she’s got “sass” at the trot, and compared to the incredible laziness we used to have, I’ll take it.

Then:Head shot

Now: Headshot

Then: Body shot

Now: Body shot

The past 7 months have been full of up and downs, and all kinds of craziness.  We’ve got a long way to go still, but I’m so glad she’s a part of our family and that I had the guts to take a gamble on her last November!

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