Quick update

Holy cow, between work and family stuff going on this week I am truly shocked I managed to squeeze in 4 rides on O; two of which were lessons. The most eventful ride of them, was the “supposed” easy ride that turned into a full on meltdown. I did NOT give her the attention she needed, and in return I got a very snotty, tense horse that did not want to be partners. I felt horrible, but managed to drag myself together towards the end. We finished well, but our happy, light hearted hack, turned into a battle. Such a hot mess!

On the plus side I whipped myself into better mental shape, and came out firing for my lesson today and she responded by really coming thru today! One week until our very first show! Very exciting!

4 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I feel you on the work- but we’re moving up to Novice in two weeks and Wiz has been absolutely horrible if he’s not worked EVERY DAY. So I’m trying very hard to ride six days a week until the show. It’s hard 😦

    I’m sorry you had the melt down but I’m glad the lesson went better! Can’t wait for your show!

    • Wow, so I’m guessing you are feeling the pressure like me! So exciting for you and Wiz! Good luck with your work/ride schedule and the Novice show coming up-you’ll have to post lots of pictures and details about all the show prep. 🙂

      • Will do! We’re doing a combined test this weekend to prepare, then the show next weekend. It’s the biggest show he’s ever been to, and we’re moving up a level, soooo I’m really hoping everything goes okay. I’m sure it will, though, he’s a great boy.

        I hope your show goes great and you get some pictures to share!! 🙂

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