Work takes over

Sometimes work just has to top horses as my priority! Things have been crazy in the office, and I’ve been pretty much mentally wasted by the time I come home the past two days. I asked a barn friend to take O for a hack yesterday and I admit that while I know it’s best for her to get a workout…I get jealous I can’t do it. But of there’s anything owning a horse has shown me it’s that my day job (which I love by the way) makes passions like horseback riding possible. That and very flexible significant others.

Anyone else crazy busy right now? Or am I just extra lucky?

A funny:


One thought on “Work takes over

  1. It made me feel so much better to read this and know that I’m not alone. I will not be riding tonight because work is draining me so much this terribly long week. Do I feel guilty that he’ll only be ridden 3 times this week instead of the usual 5? Yes, so guilty, but at least he’s got loads of turnout time this week and he probably doesn’t mind not having to work.

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