One lesson down

Well we survived! After our first lesson back after almost 2 month off O and I were both exhausted! She was one sweaty girl (the weather didn’t help) and I’ll admit that when I dismounted my legs buckled a bit when I hit the ground. But overall it was a success! Lots of transition work, with some collection at the canter and trot to encourage to be more and more aware of my aids. We responded well until about 30 minutes in. I found out later than O had been sighted running like a loon in her pasture that morning…for over 30 minutes. So I’m chalking up our “fizzle” out to the fact that she was just wiped out.

Fingers crossed that it stops pouring rain long enough for the outdoor ring to dry someday soon. And that we can start easing O back into some jumps-baby x’s to start! As of tonight she jumped the canter poles like they were going to eat her.

Check out the sunset! Gorgeous huh?


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