Back in Action

Oh my. I am deeply blessed to typically have mellow, straight hair that does, for the most part, what I ask. Especially if I ask with hairspray in hand. But no. Not this season. I have had the most ridiculous hair the past few weeks…to the point where my husband actually got the nerve up to ask me if I was “trying something new” out. Yeah-no. Just continuing bad hair days! Thank god I can hide out in the evenings under my riding helmet or trusty ariat ballcap. Even braiding can’t seem to tame it. Urgh!

On a positive note, O seems to be enjoying herself and has been going on swimming adventures in the pond with all her friends. Not sure how I feel about that, but so far her shoes have stayed on…. I haven’t been there to witness the act; I can just see the water/mud line on her body when I groom her. At least she’s staying cool so far, it’s going to be a long summer! Still debating about going with a fly sheet or no. Anyone have any advice/opinions?

We started back into full training rides this week, and O has been acting like one classy little lady; which is fabulous because I am still getting my wind back after her time off lame. I admit that I got all puffed up and proud yesterday when someone mentioned how grown up and hunter-like she was turning out to be! We’ve just got to get more consistent, and we might have a summer show in our future! You never know!

Plans for this week:

1. Do not cut off my hair in frustration

2. Rock at our first lesson back in training (tonight)

She was not excited to leave her friends yesterday-hence the super blurry, long distance picture!

2 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Re the fly sheet; I play it by ear as to whether I use it or not. But I’d always have one just in case. If he comes in stomping his legs and flicking his tail loads it goes on. Having a go with diluted vinegar at the moment as well as garlic granules to keep the little blighters at bay πŸ™‚

    • I’d love to put her in one, but she is the master (or mistress) of destroying things I try to get her to wear. You should see her winter blanket. Right now it’s been better, but I did find one I like just in case it needs to be bought πŸ™‚ Those nasty little bugs are horrible this year!

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