Knock on Wood

After O and I got clearance from my trainer (and the vet), we started working on getting her back in shape and ready to go back into her program. First step-let’s find our neck again. O really prefers to hollow her back and poke her nose, no matter how much leg to hand exercises we do-it is definitely our weak spot. After getting on I was shocked and so pleased to find that O was totally into the workout and seemed to find everything I asked to be very important. There was no tossing head, no extreme laziness; in fact she acted like a grown up horse and carried herself like an angel at the trot, and even for a bit at the canter. We didn’t do as much work at the canter as I could hear the huffing and puffing she was doing by the time we got done wrapping up our bending and collection at the trot. Sadly enough I was in WAY worse shape than she was, and found myself to be panting like a dog by the end of our workout. I don’t want to even think about how red-ish/purple my face was. Yikes!

O was such a joy and got lots of loves and neck scratches today! The part I loved the most is how much she seemed to enjoy the ride just as much as I did-her big ears were perked or listening to me and she had her “swag” trot going on.

After the ride O got a full bath-which she loved-her ears were flopped and she couldn’t stop yawning. Being back in work is tough business she thinks!

I have no idea what got into my green little horse, but I love it. Maybe a few weeks of was good for her? I’m knocking on wood that this isn’t a fluke event. So proud of her!


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