Not to jinx my luck-but this past Tuesday after I dragged my vet back out to the stable, O was sound as a rock. There was much jumping and celebrating when i got this text! Yay! Off to the stable I went.
I’ll admit that the whole first ride was a throw away-I let her poke her nose, and bully a bit during our circles. But it didn’t matter! She was finally sound and was in such a perky mood herself I couldn’t bring myself to scold her! What was really sad was how badly we were out of shape, both of us huffing and puffing the whole way thru. Not to mention her girth was noticeably tight when I tacked her up! But those are things we can work thru together. What matters the most is that she isn’t hurting anymore!
If these past months off have done anything they have definitely strengthened the bid between her and me. I’m just so glad to have her, even with all the quirks and fat grass belly! Ready to get back to work tomorrow! Woot!


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