Lazy Sundays=Youtube Surfing

Since the hubby and I busted our butts and got so much accomplished yesterday, we are spending this sunday being as lazy as possible.  That means that I have caught on up on a my People magazines, painted my toenails, read some Practical Horseman, and aimlessly watched some Netflix.  Somehow I ended up on Youtube, and of course was searching my favorite horse topics.  I found a few that I thought would be fun to share! 

First off-how AWESOME is this save by Mr. Nicholson?!  That man is brilliant. 

Or perhaps you are in dire need of a cuteness fix?  Check this out.

And for all of those who’ve ever dealt with a pony…this kid deserves an award!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend-it’s stormy here today.  Love that we are getting all this rain.  Hate that this humidity has turned my normally tame (some might say boring) hair into this weird, wavy mess.

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