Giving It Time

Well the big day had finally arrived!  I tacked up O, put on my fancy britches, tall boots, and headed out to the ring with her in tow.  After 6 weeks of varied treatments this was the day she was ‘supposed’ to be sound!  I honestly think that I felt the urge to get completely decked out because I was hoping it would somehow give us a better chance of being sound?  Kind of pitiful.  But you do what you have to!

As you may have guessed already, she was still not sound.  And from the look on my trainer’s face when I halted in front of her, she was as confused as I was.  I tried laughing it off, but was crushed inside-so much for our easy fix.  I just focused on rubbing my hands up and down O’s neck while my trainer and I talked over a few more options.  The first one on the to-do list-give it more time. 

I do not flatter myself and claim to be a patient person, and it’s so much worse when it’s your baby (as O is to me)!  I wanted her to be all better, to be sound, and to be back on the road we started on together just a few months ago.  I know 6 weeks is NOTHING compared so many equestrian injuries, but it really does feel like forever when you start out.  The plan is to let O have a few more days off, and we are hoping that maybe the last round of meds and her new pads just haven’t taken effect completely.  She does look better, my trainer yelled as I left the ring.  Better than her crazy, 3-legged, head throwing trot from Monday?  A small victory-I’ll take it!

I’m still postiive though, and appreciate all the good thoughts you could send my way!!  Fingers crossed for luck.

No riding means more time for O to graze, get groomed, and have lots of baths!  Her life is so tough!

Cute pie!
Cute pie!
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