Last night, in a desperate attempt to control my mental status (unsound after going thru these past weeks of O’s mystery lameness) I decided to take a lesson! It had been weeks since I’d been on anything other than my limpy girl-so getting on this adorable older thoroughbred gelding felt completely foreign, and awesome. Once we got going, I realized that this was what I needed most, just a chance to get back on and ride. All was suddenly right with the world.

It amazing to ride such an experienced, and savvy horse.  He was so aware of me, and my cues-just brillient.  Plus this ride really made me miss the jumper ring with his fabulous balance and ability to turn on a dime…and do it with such style.  Mine is still strugging with supporting her body properly (and that’s okay), so being on him made me feel like I was driving a sportscar!  So fun!

On the other hand though, my legs are still shaking today from the laps I did with no irons (on purpose). And that old boy schooled me, and made me realize how far O and I are from the kind of focus he has. But now I’m even more motivated to get there!


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