Fuzzy Ears

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

Well it looks like the nice weather might FINALLY be here to stay in the midwest!  Two randoms things I am super excited about include the fact that my horse can get rid of her rather awkward winter coat (it did not come in very pretty-but rather orange honestly) and I’ll still have light with nice weather to be able to ride outside even after I get off work!  During the colder seasons that doesn’t work very well, even with the outdoor lighting.  Since O has been footsore, I’ve been spending a lot more time obsessing over her appearance.  We can’t ride, but gosh dangit we can groom you like crazy!  I’ve pulled her mane (test run, and then a final decision on length), trimmed her nose, around her legs , and even attempted to do her ears one day.  My normally mellow mare, we found, does not tolerate foreign objects near her ears.  I guess they’ll have to stay fuzzy for now.

My trainer and I always made the decision that at least kind of working would be really good for her mentally. Last night I hoped on her bareback with her bridle on and went for a walking adventure around the ring.  Circles, bending, a lot of moving off my leg were on the agenda.  She behaved very well, even when her best friends were calling to her from the field.  I called it a success and sent her on her way.  We either have 3 more days until farrier or 9….fingers crossed for the 3.

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