Off the Track, On Course

As a proud owner of a former racehorse (a horrible one at that) I found myself cheering even louder for 2013’s field of 9 ex-racehorses in the Kentucky Rolex 3-Day!  These horses are not only powerhouses in Eventing, but lived a whole other career as young’uns.  It inspires me to keep working with my own off the track horse, and encourage others to recognize the possibilities with these horses .  A short list of the 2013 Rolex ex-racehorse competitors, and how they placed follows…

  • Donner, ridden by Lynn Symansky to 5th place!
  • Pirate, ridden by Meghan O’Donoghue to 12th place!
  • Parker, ridden by James Alliston to 14th place!
  • Sal Dali, ridden by Beth Perkins to 26th place!
  • Irish Diamonds, ridden by Micheline Jordan to 29th place!
  • Tsunami III, ridden by Sarah Cousins-withdrawn before XC
  • Exponential, ridden by Jessica Phoenix-withdrawn before XC
  • Our Questionnaire, ridden by Heather Gillette-eliminated on XC
  • Can’t Fire Me, ridden by Becky Holder-eliminated on XC

Peronally Parker was a favorite to watch! 

Beautiful to watch!
Beautiful to watch!

Being there was one of the best experiences of my horse related life, and I really hope to go back soon!  Anyone else ever been to the Rolex 3-Day?  Or have a favorite competitor?

By far my favorite booth was the New Vocations booth.  It’s amazing what they do to help connect riders and ex-racehorses who need each other.  Check them out here:

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